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If you want to feel at home in your own body...

...this free ebook will help


Let me share with you...

  • The 3 KEYS to creating a caring and communicative connection with your body (this is where we go deep)
  • The 2 primary body-relationships that most women live in, and why they don’t work (it's SO easy to get caught in these patterns)
  • And, why it’s SO DARN HARD to have a respectful, responsive, and positive relationship with your body. (There are 3 GIANT reasons that impact almost every woman)


This ebook is NOT a diet.  

It IS an honest and do-able approach to feeling at home in your own body


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How To Be A Woman At Ease In Your Body

Nina Manolson M.A., NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Psychology of Eating Coach & Teacher
Certified Body-Trust Provider
Founder of The Nourished Woman Nation